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Rate of overuse injuries continues to rise among high school athletes
Posted Sunday, February 21, 2016


Chris Lyn, director of the New York Xtreme FC travel soccer program, tries to prevent overuse injuries by holding just two practices a week and competitions on the weekend.

Although the larger impact of sub-concussive hits is unknown, athletes who participate in soccer year-round clearly risk overuse injuries. The rate of overuse injuries continues to rise while the average age of kids affected by such injuries decreases, according to the STOP (Sports Trauma and Overuse Protection) Sports Injuries campaign.
Overuse injuries arent exclusive to soccer. But Rick Scarpulla, a sports trainer and owner of Ultimate Advantage Training in Fair Oaks outside Middletown, says he most often sees soccer and basketball players suffer consequences of playing one sport year-round. That includes emotional perils.

In my experience, a large percentage of athletes that play a sport year-round with no shutdown period rarely make it to the upper levels of playing their sport, Scarpulla said, because theyre so sick of it that the sport they once loved as a child is something that they can hardly stand the word of now.


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