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Ultimate Advantage Belt Grips

A great new tool for athletes to help increase explosive power and speed.

Increase your vertical jump, power cleans, sprint or even the dreaded wall balls. The easy on and easy off makes it simple to use. BELT GRIPS allow progressive resistance training without any spinal pressure. It is all about total leg and hip development. The BELT GRIPS allow you to have added resistance while training without altering bar path or bio-mechanics. Unlike traditional bands, the use of these grips allow easy on and easy off of the band at waist level.

Whether your sport is Crossfit, Football, or Lifting
BELT GRIPS will bring more explosive power to your game!

These BELT GRIPS are a must for all Athletes

Get yours at this introductory discounted price $19.99

When ordering more than 4 belt grips please contact us directly via email at
Thruster and Olympic lifts set up with belt grips
Wall Ball set up using Belt Grips
Powerlifting Legend Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell
Elite Powerlifter Josh Connerly from Westside Barbell
Olympian Samyr Lane Using Belt Grips





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