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At Ultimate Advantage we believe it is all about the training. That is why we devote our philosophy's to building better athletes. Some use that catch phrase but at Ultimate Advantage we truly do it.

Our programs are designed to utilize true methods of functional training and we design our programs to fit your needs not ours. Our programs have helped many athletes and teams to reach maximum potential. We will help you become faster, stronger and a much more explosive athlete.

Let us design a program for you. We now offer web programs with  phone consultations. We can set up a speed or strength program to help you reach your goals wherever you live.

Let us help create a program and help monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed.We will evaluate each athlete or team an individual basis and design a program to fit your needs. We do not blanket design programs in a one size fits all fashion as many so called training centers today do.

Along with confidence most athletes need more speed and more strength. It is that simple. High school athletes need an advantage and at U.A. we give them the proper training and instruction to improve their game. We also offer complete nutritional planning to help them fuel their body correctly.

Whether you're a youth athlete or a professional you have your own needs. We recognize this and address each athlete as such. Our programs are designed to fit the athlete not to have the athlete fit our programs. Don't spend valuable time working on training routines that will be of little or no help when you take the field. Let us make you a better and more confident athlete.

Contact us and let us design a program to fit your needs! 

Contact Us 914-443-1110




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