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At Ultimate Advantage, we understand all sports do not need to train the same. We do not have you work on useless training techniques not geared for your sport. 

While all sports have some basic training overlaps. We focus on your sport specific requirements and needs. Speed and explosive strength are a must but it goes much further then just that.

Understanding what your sport needs are is critical to your total sport development.

Coach Scarpulla can develop a program that fits the needs of individual sport or team.Not a circuit which everyone will follow. To us that makes no sense.


Ultimate Advantage nows offers a very limited offer of On-Line Training with Coach Scarpulla. 

This is a tremendous chance to have Coach Rick Scarpulla work directly with you via email and phone or skype. Rick will guide you through your training with planning and will critique your performance from the big lifts right down to your Met-cons. You will deal directly with Coach Scarpulla one of the Nations Top Coaches in the game today! he will attend to your Training personaly.

Our On-Line Training package consists of :

Discussion and Evaluation of your Training Goals

Video Review and Discussion of Your Training Videos

Weekly Custom Programing Designed for you

Frequent Phone Consultations

Video Demonstrations of how to correctly perform your prescribed training

Increase your performance through interaction with a Coach who actually cares!

Act now, don't wait to get in on this amazing offer act quickly before it's to late!




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