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  Success Stories  

Pole Vaulters

We highly recommend to you a unique Sports Performance Training Center......

Some of our top Championship Vaulters have developed Speed....Power and Strength Enhancement this year from one of the BEST STRENGTH COACHES in the USA!!!!!!

Yes& West Point's Speed and Strength Coach&RICK SCARPULLA from The Ultimate Advantage Training Center is responsible for much of our pole vaulting success here at Flying Circus. Circus.  If you need help in these areas&contact areas&contact  Coach Scarpulla he is the best and can help you!

Coach Tim St. Lawrence
Flying Circus Pole Vault School
Warwick N.Y.

Another Happy Athlete!

The experience and enthusiasm that Coach Rick provides can not be duplicated. In the past 8 weeks, he has generated amazing results in my 14 year old son, Donald. Don has improved his strength, flexibility, speed and endurance levels and managed to gain 12 pounds for the upcoming football season. Coach Rick's training includes nutrition, sound advise, unique exercises and group workouts which have motivated my son like nothing else ever before. Don finds the sessions educational, motivational and exhausting. He walks away very tired, happy and can't wait to come back for more. If you are looking for a speed coach who is passionate about his work and dedicated to help others with their goals, Coach Rick is your man!

Kathleen Sakowicz 


Leading a group of West Point cadets to consistent top 3 finishes in multiple National Powerlifting championships is no small accomplishment. Only a brilliant, motivating, leader could accomplish what Rick Scarpulla accomplished with the West Point Powerlifting team. Rick was nothing short of magnificent. A brilliant coach and even more inspiring leader, he knows how to enable every one of his competitors to reach and sustain the upper levels of their potential again and again and again. He inspires and motivates, and builds strong teams and I have never seen a coach as admired and respected as Rick Scarpulla. We at West Point are very fortunate to have him as our coach. Rick builds strength, power, explosion, endurance, confidence, and mostly he builds a team. This scrappy, no nonsense leader is the best in this business.

Brigadier General Robert Caslen;
Commandant of Cadets, 
United States Corps of Cadets; West Point, NY.

MISERICORDIA UNIVERSITY                             

I have attended numerous clinics and worked multiple camps in an effort to an effort to learn the best possible methods of training. Out of all the speed and strength coaches I have met , I believe Rick Scarpulla is the most extraordinary. Rick has helped my team break the monotony of morning practice. Rick's program is so varied that athletes are constantly physically and mentally  challenged with something new. Swimmers usually dread morning practices, even at 6 am our athletes are excited to be there. Our athletes are faster and stronger than ever thanks to the new techniques we have learned from Coach Scarpulla. Coach Scarpulla continues to be a major influence on my coaching philosophies and has taken our program and athletes to another level. We are very excited to see what the future holds for Misericordia  Swimming now that we have his help.

Jason Morini Head Coach
Men's and Women's Swimming
Misericordia University  



"Rick Scarpulla's approach, techniques and program have formed our fundamental basis for our football and athletic programs at Lehigh University. He combines vast knowledge with a true understanding of what athletes need to perform at the highest possible levels. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to become a top level athlete" Ed Ruiz
Head Athletic Trainer & Conditioning Coach
Lehigh University


Three years ago we asked Rick Scarpulla to run our off season speed and conditioning program and the results have been tremendous. We have come into each season faster, stronger and in great condition and this has enabled us to concentrate more on football. We have started each season with at least five consecutive victories and this has a lot to do with Rick's program.

Coach Scarpulla is not only a great motivator but is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of fitness. Another thing we like about Rick's program is he knows football and is able to be sport and position specific. Coach Scarpulla will have linemen workouts for linemen, running back workouts for running backs, etc, and this is a big advantage over most fitness programs.

The past three years we have won our conference and gone 6-3, 9-1, and are currently undefeated at 6-0 I feel strongly that Rick Scarpulla is a big part of our success.

Kevin Gallagher
Head Coach Varsity Football
Minisink Valley High School


For the first time in more than 6 years as a basketball coach, I've seen a performance transformation in action. Three months ago, I signed up my daughter and five of her teammates for some training with Rick Scarpulla at Ultimate Advantage. I thought my expectations were high going in, but they still paled in comparison to what we achieved. Rick put his heart, soul and talent into every session. He got down to brass tacks, cut out the nonsense, and got right to the workouts that yield results. He knows what he's talking about and how to convey it with maximum impact. Rick is a master motivator.

I was worried that the girls  all high school freshmen  would lose interest and skip workouts. Instead, they LOVE Rick and his training center and hate to miss a training session. They've added speed, muscle, lost fat, gained tremendous confidence and are tuned in to their individual strengths and weaknesses and their game has greatly improved. More importantly, they've learned how to become the fastest, strongest and smartest athletes they can be. And according to Rick, that's what it takes to win -- I believe he's right.

Thanks, Rick!

AAU Basketball Coach
Kevin Kroger  


My daughter started playing tennis two years ago and after one year of playing we heard of Rick's program. She has been with him for one year now and he has transformed her into a true athlete with great speed and  footwork. His program is innovative and inspirational, he always has a smile and a good word to push your child to the next level. Which to me is very important because I see a lot of coaches that turn kids off to a sport they at one time loved, by their yelling and constant criticisms. I've been involved in the fighting arts for more then 40 years and have trained with Floyd Patterson, John Somers, and Renzo Gracie, all top professionals. These men all have a few things in common, love for what they do, intelligence and smart training techniques. Rick has all these plus one more, new and improved, cutting edge training techniques. Rick's program is the future.

Ed Hodas
Kickboxing National Champion and MMA Master  


I have been training with Rick Scarpulla for 4 years now and I can honestly say that I am bigger stronger and faster than I have ever been in my life. When I first started with Coach Scarpulla I could barely squat 500 and now I have add more than 250 lbs to that and my bench and deadlift have also skyrocketed. With his coaching and guidance I was able to win the 2007 USAPL Collegiate National Championship in the 275 weight class. I also placed third this past year making me a two time All-American with a bronze medal and a gold medal. I have been competing in sports since I was a young kid and I can say with out a doubt that Coach Scarpulla is the most knowledgeable, intense, motivating coach who not only can coach but can still walk the walk. I know I would not be anywhere near as strong as I am now with out his guidance."

Lawrence Acosta
USAPL 2007 Collegiate Champion
2008 Bronze Medalist


By DR. Achilles Litao MD.

A while back, I read an article written by , a sportswriter from Orange County, NY. It was a series about his exercise regimen with Coach Rick Scarpulla. I saw myself in this close to middle-age journalist with a limited athletic background and questionable fitness level. Who was being transformed into a powerlifter. I then sought after Coach Rick. I met up with Rick at his "Ultimate Advantage Training Facility" at 7:00 a.m. one day that summer. First session was spent assessing my current fitness level and goals. After meeting Rick I immediately felt motivated to work hard as he reassured me that he could definitely help me achieve my goal. Coach Rick started me off slowly, breaking in my body for later physiologic stress. The workouts are structured in a way that the fast and slow twitch muscles of the upper and lower body are stimulated in different ways and in different days. Moreover, the core musculature is very much emphasized. All throughout each session, proper form, breathing and mental approach are given prime importance. Before each workout, he prepares me mentally for what's in store for the day. I am impressed by how he is able to pull out the best in anyone. His motivational skills are phenomenal and second to none. The athlete has no recourse but to give his best each time. To my amazement, after barely two months under his guidance I was experiencing remarkable results, Quality time in the gym with expert coaching and exercise selection,  proper nutrition and adequate rest are the key factors in achieving these. All of which I learned from Coach Rick. More and more children and adults are getting involved in sports and fitness. One reason is for health maintenance and disease prevention. On the other hand, the demands of sports requires athletes to be at their physical best at all times. My personal experience under Rick Scarpulla's coaching was indeed a very positive one. I was able to realize strength gains I could have only imagined in the past. I would highly recommend his training and personal guidance to anyone Achilles Litao, MD is a board certified pediatrician


"Rick took me to the next level in my fighting career.  I became more explosive not only physically but Mentally.  Training with Rick is a no brainer for anyone who truly wants to be a champion." 

Sensei Heath Macaluso  



I am a 47 year old man who has been weight training since the age of 16. My 31 years of experience, which includes a first place trophy from a bodybuilding contest (in 1985), allows me to consider myself an "experienced" lifter. I was introduced to Rick Scarpulla in April of 2007 when he was hired to train the Goshen Football team. My lifting life changed forever since that time. I joined Rick's gym and had my first workout on December 31, 2007. It was a day I will never forget. Since that day I have made remarkable gains in all of my lifts. The entire workout regimen is the most enjoyable and challenging training I have ever done in my 31 years of training. Rick is a remarkable motivator, an true innovator, a mentor and a friend. He has transformed my entire philosophy towards lifting. He has also has taken my 16 year old son under his wing and turned him into a 205 lb force on the football field. He is faster and stronger then we thought possible. The past 9 months have been the most enjoyable and successful months of my life in terms of training. I have already exceeded my initial goals and know that many more gains are inevitable. Rick will show you how to become your best. Thank you Rick for this life-changing opportunity. I can't wait until the next workout.

Paul Stephens


 I have known Rick Scarpulla for the past twenty years or so. We have been working together closely for the last two. In these past couple years I have come to know him very well. I am repeatedly impressed by his unparalleled passion for strength and speed training. He has an uncanny ability to take the basic principals and apply them to any given sport. Always thinking of the athlete's needs. He is an out of the box thinker not afraid to try new techniques. His endless energy and innovative spirit are inspirational. His love for what he does oozes out of him, he couldn't hide it if he tried. He is not the kind of man to rest on his laurels, there will always be something new. Just when you think your adapting to your workout he throws you a curve. If you don't get results with this guy you might want to take up shuffleboard or ice fishing.

Dr. Anthony Manoy; A.A.S. B.S. D.C.
Otisville Chiropractic Care Center


 Rick Scarpulla, owner and head trainer of Ultimate Advantage Training Center in Orange county NY, has been speed and strength training the Goshen High School football program for the past several months.  Working with him I have seen first hand the INCREDIBLE strides that our players have made, physically and mentally.  They are breaking down barriers I would have never thought they would get through.  Rick's program is well thought out and implemented with precision, dedication, and professionalism.  If you are looking for someone to bring your team to it's physical peak and improve their mental toughness, Rick Scarpulla is the way to go.

John Mardyniak
Head Football Coach
Goshen Central School District

Army Leaders

Army powerlifting is one of the most successful and respected teams at West Point . Scarpulla, who has 20-plus years of powerlifting and coaching experience is the architect of Army's revival. Important people have noticed what the ultra-intense Scarpulla and his team are doing. "This team means business we are looking to be a top finisher again this year at Nationals, We are a solid team with some good depth. This might be our year" says Scarpulla.

West Point superintendent Lt. Gen Franklin Hagenbeck and Commandant Brig. Gen. Caslen are big fans of the squad and they should be. When Scarpulla took over in 2003, the team was one of the softest teams in the nation. Since then he's lead his team to multiple top three national finishes in a very competitive sport. Last year, 40 percent of Scarpulla's team earned All-American status. " And, of course, then there's the hurting Scarpulla and the boys (and girls) put on Navy and Air Force.

Posted by Army


"I am a true believer in the methods of Rick Scarpulla. I have been working out using Rick's program's and techniques for just over one year and I have seen tremendous results . . . I have increased my squat by over 250 pounds as well as my bench and deadlift! After years of stagnating, my power and explosiveness have really taken off and without question I attribute the results to Rick's workouts. Coach Scarpulla brings an unmatched knowledge and intensity to the gym. His motivation is contagious and it translates into top-quality workouts for everyone. I've hit my personal records and best lifts when Coach Scarpulla is in the gym  it isn't a coincidence."

Major Paul Stanton



"It is very simple why I train at Ultimate Advantage: Rick Scarpulla's knowledge of the human body, psyche and bio-mechanics coupled with his intensity, motivational style and care for his athletes GETS RESULTS!  After playing high school baseball, and moving on to play college and now professional, I have been exposed to cutting edge training all over the United States and have worked with trainers from around the world. Rick's impact on my career far exceeds any training I've ever received. The athletes and coaches of the area have an invaluable asset at Ultimate Advantage with Rick Scarpulla. Any AD, coach or parent that does not expose his or her athletes to Rick Scarpulla and Ultimate Advantage and this cutting edge type of training are cheating their athletes. It is imperative for athletes that want to get to the next level to seek out better training avenues and in my opinion Ultimate Advantage is THE place to go. Soon after training with Rick, noticeable gains will physically and psychologically will result. As a bi-product of these results not only the performance but the athlete's confidence and drive will sky- rocket"!

Rob Semerano
Pitcher 2004- 2007
Oakland A's Baseball organization  



"I am a full contact mixed martial arts fighter who has been training with Rick Scarpulla. The word that best describes this experience is phenomenal. Rick is the only trainer I have ever worked with who not only conditions the body but also the mind. Rick's approach to training is the most complete form of training I have ever experienced. Rick focuses on the entire body while shaping the mental toughness needed in any sport. I have reached and surpassed the goals I had set for myself and seen an enormous increase in both speed and strength. Rick's knowledge of training and conditioning is unmatched. I highly recommend any athlete who wants to excel in their sport to the very best of their ability, to train Rick Scarpulla at Ultimate advantage".

Gino Terranova
Mixed Martial Arts Champion Fighter
Sensei and Founder Thaishodo Mixed Martial Arts


"As a Collegiate National Champion, All-American, current American Collegiate Record holder, co-Captain and 4 year member of the USMA Powerlifting Team at West Point. I have experienced first hand the methods and results of Rick Scarpulla and Ultimate Advantage.  His program incorporates techniques to build speed and explosive power and mental strength. Its results have been proven time and time again by the incredible gains reached by every team member, every season. The program is intense but without it and the expertise of our coach Rick Scarpulla I am sure myself and our team would not have achieved the highest levels of success which we have enjoyed since working with Rick"

Lisa Dugan
Collegiate National Champion & Record Holder
West Point Powerlifting Team  

College Football

"Rick Scarpulla and Ultimate Advantage are the best around. No other program is even close. His methods will bring out your best everyday. I recommend Rick to anyone who wants to be as fast and strong as they possibly can.

If you are serious, see Rick". M. Clark
Former Army Football Player  

   "Rick's knowledge and training have given me the ability to go much further then ever before. I would never have been able to obtain this level of athleticism  without his training program and coaching. I am faster, stronger and in better shape then I ever thought possible at age 52" and my confidence has reached an all time high. Bill Sacco  

  I want to extend my sincere thanks for the tremendous speed and strength training and conditioning program that you have set up for the Goshen baseball Club. Your knowledge, passion, commitment and high- energy personality provided an exceptional atmosphere for our baseball players. The gains that these young men have achieved  are nothing short of remarkable. This enthusiasm and proven success is  evident as you work with my travel baseball team on sport specific, functional exercises.

Thank you.
Manager Goshen Gators Baseball

Due to crazy NCAA regulations some of the most heartfelt unpaid  testimonials from student athletes can not be printed on this page !!!!!




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